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Custom Designed Jewelry | Bowling Green, Kentucky Jewelry Custom Designer

Everyone loves seeing before and after photos after a makeover! We love nothing more than breathing new life into old jewelry. Sometimes that means that you are interested in a fresh, updated look, something completely different than what you've ever had before. Sometimes that means that a piece is perfect, just the way it was.

This particular piece was remade into a one ring style, in white gold. As you can see, it was damaged and worn. After a discussion with our knowledgeable staff, presenting all the options available to restore this beloved piece, the customer made the decision to remake it into white gold to her specifications while preserving the original style and sentimental value of the ring.

In the coming weeks we'll have more in depth blog posts about custom jewelry and all the details around it. Stay tuned to our blog and social media to keep up with our posts!

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