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Jewelry Tip Tuesday! 5 simple tips to care for your jewelry! | Bowling Green, Kentucky's Premier

We're SO excited to start a series of #tiptuesday posts all about tips for your jewelry and information about how to care for and keep your heirloom pieces beautiful for generations to come.

We'll kick off #tiptuesday by talking about 5 helpful tips to keep your jewelry looking fresh and new!


Avoid wearing your jewelry in hot tubs and pools.

While you won't see a difference, immediately, or maybe even within the first 5 years but exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals and chlorine found in many pools and hot tubs can damage the metal or stones of your jewelry, over time.


Remove your jewelry before applying lotions, hair product or sunscreen.

It's something that we are all guilty of, we're in a rush to get out the door, or get slathered in SPF protection to soak up the sun and enjoy the fun and we don't stop to take our jewelry off.

Later in the day, you stop to freshen up and notice that your sparkle is gone and your jewelry is dull. Over time, these products can build up and at the least cause loss of luster and at the worst, cause damage to your metal and stones by attracting damaging particles, dust, dirt, sand, any number of things that you might come in contact with.


Protect your rings, bracelets and timepieces from hand sanitizer.

Nurses, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Midwives, ALL OF YOU MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, I'm talking to you!

Moms, Dads, teachers, childcare workers, I'm talking to you, too!

If you use hand sanitizer on a regular basis,


If you notice that your white gold is DULL it's because hand sanitizer damages the finish on white gold jewelry.

Drop by the store and let us get your shine back on.

Medical Professionals, consider wearing an alternate ring for work to keep damage to your wedding set to a minimum.


Be aware of the fit of your ring and avoid wearing it in cold water.

Do you love hiking, climbing waterfalls or lounging in cold mountain streams?

Are you a beach lover that thinks the ocean is never too cold?

Cold water (and cold weather) naturally causes our fingers to shrink and makes the fit of our rings loose.

You don't want your treasured jewelry to find a home at the bottom of the ocean with the countless others who have learned this lesson the hard way.

Take it off and store it in a safe place while you enjoy the activities that you love!


Bring your jewelry in for regular cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

The best way to protect your precious jewelry is to stop by and see us!

We recommend that you have your pieces cleaned and checked AT LEAST every 6 months.

Polish or rhodium plating is usually performed once a year.

Cleaning and inspection is ALWAYS FREE at Morris, no matter where you purchased your jewelry!

Stop by once a month or even once a week to keep your jewelry looking it's best!

Stop by before a date night or event to have your precious pieces looking just as beautiful as you are!

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