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What's a wishlist?? It's a holiday must do! | Bowling Green, KY Fine Jewelry, Repair and Cus

It's that time of year, again! Christmas is just around the corner!

Time to come by Morris and update your wishlist!

If you don't know what a wishlist is, let me tell you!

It's the most genius way to let that special someone know

exactly what it is that you might be hoping for, under the tree,

this holiday season! (Or anytime, for that matter!)

Stop by the store and one of our awesome associates will

enter your favorites in our system to be easily accessed when someone comes to shop for you!

Your loved ones love it because they are able to pick out items

that they really want!

EVERYONE loves it because it's quick and easy and most of all


So ladies ... and gents .. stop by the store, today, to update your wishlist and pick up a handy fridge reminder to drop the hint.

Morris Jewelry

helping you find the perfect gift .. since 1881.

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