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The perfect fit for that Christmas gift! | Bowling Green, KY Jewelry, custom and repair

Christmas has come and gone and I won't annoy you with the countdown until next Christmas, just yet. I wanted to talk to you a bit about those priceless pieces that you may have received as a gift for Christmas.

Is your ring a little snug? A little loose?

We can size it for you! We offer in house repairs! It doesn't matter if it was purchased at Morris!

Side note: Most people experience some swelling in their fingers. It's more common during the warmer months. Your hands are actually a little smaller when they are cold and you may find that your rings are a little loose during the winter months. No worries. This is completely normal. It does, however, become a bothersome issue if you notice that your ring has no resistance over your knuckle or that it's sliding off with swift hand movements or when you wash your hands.

We can help!

Whether you just received a new treasure as a Christmas gift or you noticed that the fit is not quite right on a beloved piece that you've owned for a while, we offer in house sizing right here in our full service shop. Bring your ring in for a free cleaning and estimate for sizing. We'll even evaluate it to let you know if there are any needed repairs!

Did you get a new necklace but it doesn't fall exactly where you'd like for it to?

We can help!

We have a wide selection of chains available in different styles, metals and lengths.

Our shop can also add an extender or professionally shorten your chain right here in our in house shop!

An associate will be happy to help you select the length that's right for you!

Did you get a watch but it's a little too big? Too small?

We can help!

We offer in house adjustments! Whether you need to add a link or take one away, we've got you covered! Just bring in your links and we will be happy to find the appropriate fit and adjust it for you!

We offer battery replacements, too!

Don't forget we always offer free cleaning and inspection!! Even if your precious piece wasn't purchased here at Morris.

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