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Garnet, The January Birthstone | Bowling Green, KY Fine Jewelry, Custom Jewelry and Repair

Happy Birthday to all of you January babies!!!

January's birthstone is the Garnet!

Have you ever wondered how this gemstone got it's name? It was derived from the Latin word granatus, meaning pomegranate. The rich red hue resembles the seeds from a pomegranate!

Garnet is most popularly referred to as a red stone but it actually comes in many varieties of color!

The mohs hardness scale range for different types of garnet range from 6.5 to 7.5.

This means that garnet would be more susceptible to surface abrasions and damage than a harder gemstone such as Ruby or Sapphire. Garnets can be scratched by harder stones such as diamonds, rubies or sapphires but they can also scratch softer gemstones such as opals.

Some garnets wouldn't be ideal for daily wear as a ring but would make a perfect necklace or earrings.

Many people believe that stones have healing properties. Garnet is said to help with depression, negative feelings, increased self confidence and mental clarity, as well as promoting creative thinking and peace of mind.

Whether it's your birthstone, your favorite stone, a traditional representation of your 2nd wedding anniversary, or you have interest in the proposed healing properties, we're positive that we can select a gorgeous garnet to fit your budget and color preference! Come see us for more information!

And again, Happy Birthday, January babies!

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